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Project Description

High-Bright Aeroplane Navigation Displays for Maltese Air Traffic Control

Client: Malta Air Traffic Services

Product: TransMetal N24-PC

Key Features: Transflective, Sunlight Readable, Metal Casing, Anti-Glare Panel, Powder Coated, Multiple Inputs, Front OSD.

Project Details

The Malta Air Traffic Services primarily ensure that any aircraft flying into the Malta Flight Information Region (FIR) is safely guided into the airport for landing, keeping a safe distance from any other aircraft or obstacle. To do this, MATS needed the best technology.

We were contacted by MATS as they were looking to upgrade their air traffic control room with modern transflective monitors, which would help them to clearly see the Maltese airspace, to convey any warning signals to the incoming pilots.

The displays mainly needed to be sunlight readable, and extremely high-performance as they would be in use 24 hours a day, seven days a week – the sunlight readability was necessary as the tower would let in multitudes of light on a sunny day, and if the content on the display was distorted, the air traffic controllers wouldn’t be able to inform aircraft whether it was safe to land.

We suggested our ‘TransMetal N24-PC’ range, which MATS agreed looked the ideal solution. These transflective monitors are housed within a black metal cased enclosure rather than our standard stainless steel, as this wouldn’t reflect the sun leading to a distraction, they have VGA and DVI inputs which would allow versatility when connecting to other devices, and they are transflective, which ensures that the display gets brighter when hit with sunlight.

Our customers can customise most of our products by changing the position of the OSD controls suitable for the application. For example, if the display was in a public area and people could tamper with the buttons, we can make sure that they are positioned at the back, or even the top of the display. However, as only trained members of staff would be using MATS displays, the OSD controls were positioned on the front for easy access.

If you are working on a project which may require a display similar to the one featured in this article, please don’t hesitate to request a call, and speak with our friendly sales team who are always more than willing to go above and beyond. Alternatively if you wish to view our full range of products, you can do so HERE.

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