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Project Description

Rugged All-Weather IP Rated Display used for Radar and ECDIS on the USS Mount Whitney

Client: US Navy

Product: RuggedVision N24-HBOB

Key Features:  Fully IP67 Sealed, High Brightness (1500cd/m2), Custom Case and Colour, Optical Bonding.

Project Details

USS Mount Whitney is a Blue Ridge-class command ship of the United States Navy under the Military Sealift Command; it is the flagship of the United States Sixth Fleet and it’s home-port is Gaeta in Italy.

Alleged to be the most sophisticated Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence ship ever commissioned. USS Mount Whitney incorporates various elements of the most advanced C4I equipment. This gives the embarked Joint Task Force Commander the capability to effectively command all units under his or her command.

Their initial enquiry was for two 24″ large format displays to be positioned on the bridge-wings of the ship. The monitors would act as an extension of their current ECDIS navigation system, to enable the Captain or crew members to view the maps with ease – even when in the worst of weather conditions.

The bridge-wings are a structure of the ship which sit higher, but also hang over each side. This enables people to monitor the side of the ship when docking or at sea.

The Solution

The displays that we manufactured for the USS Mount Whitney were our ‘RuggedVision N24-HBOB’. They requested the colour to be a custom RAL of ‘Battleship Grey’, which would in-keep with the rest of the ship. We ensured that the displays had ‘Optical Bonding‘ as this would completely eliminate the chance of condensation behind the front panel.

So the image clarity was never obscured. This type of IP rated display solution took over 3 months in the design phase to ensure that every detail was covered to ensure the clients overall satisfaction.

If you are looking to mount an outdoor LCD display on the open deck of a ship or vehicle we can assist you with some practical advice and things to consider that you may not have thought about! To view our range of all weather IP rated monitors click HERE.

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