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Project Description

Rack Mount CCTV Displays used within MEDS Compression Chamber

Client: Marine Engineering Diving Services

Product: RackMount 15-V

Key Features:  Rack Mount, Optional Handles, High-Quality, CCTV Compliant, Optional High-Brightness.

Project Details

MEDS is a well-known trusted name in the field of Construction Diving, Subsea Engineering and Charter of Marine Vessels. They have two vessels in their fleet, which are ‘Altus Exertus’ and ‘Altus Optimus’.

On-board the vessels, they have many different services which they carry out, from IRM (inspection, repair and maintenance), diving, subsea engineering and installation to vessel hire and onshore civil works.

MEDS were looking for a quantity of rack-mount monitors on board Altus Optimus to display CCTV images from their re-compression chamber, where they could closely monitor the divers activity when inside the chamber itself.

It was a very important quality for the monitors to be durable, along with having a clear image as the treatment chamber is used to treat divers suffering from certain diving disorders such as de-compression sickness, therefore the divers health could quickly deteriorate if not monitored.

As the monitors were going into an existing panel, we worked closely with MEDS to ensure that they had the right dimensions for an easy, smooth running installation upon arrival.

The monitors that we provided were our RackMount 15-V’s, which can be manufactured with or without the handles to suit the application, they have the option to be high-bright if needed, and have multiple inputs for complete versatility.

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