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Project Description

Free-Standing Digital Signage Podium Monitors at Manchester Science Park’s new Bright Building

Client: Manchester Science Park

Product: CrystalVision Podiums

Key Features:  Fully Weatherproof, Sunlight Readable, Optical Bonding, Vandal Proof, Condensation Free, Rugged Stainless Steel, Powder Coated.

Project Details

Manchester Science Park’s ‘Bright Building’ opened in July 2017, and it’s their “newest, state-of-the-art workspace designed to function as the heart of the park”. It has facilities such as a cafe, fitness studio and a large communal space, which is ideal for events and conferences.

Flatvision were approached Spring/Summer 2017 by an IT contractor acting on behalf of MSP, and were asked to provide a quotation for various Digital Signage solutions.

We were told that MSP were looking for 2 large outdoor display podiums, to be placed at both entrances of the ‘Bright Building’, which would provide people with information such as: Events going on at the science park, a map of the site and launch dates for new projects. As the displays would be exposed to all weather conditions, we recommended our CrystalVision Podiums as they are fully waterproof, they have a sunlight-readable panel of 2500cd/m2 (which is much brighter than a standard television), they’re extremely modern and very eye-catching!

MSP’s IT contractor were absolutely thrilled with the CrystalVision Podium Monitors, as they seemed to tick all of the boxes… Now for indoor Digital Signage.

In the reception area of the ‘Bright Building’, MSP required 3 wall mounted displays to show similar content to the outdoor podiums, with a fitness class timetable in addition; You will see on the images in this article, that the displays have been integrated into the wall, which give them a more futuristic look.

The content on the external, and internal displays is updated via MSP’s internal media-players which are installed into the housing. However, the displays as a standard come with their own media- players which easily allow you to update the content via a USB stick or from a computer.

Flatvision also offer subscriptions with our internal ‘Digital Signage Portal’, which allows you to manage the content on your display 24/7, tailor it to suit your clients needs, and automatically schedule when, and what content is played.

You can view our full range of podium monitors HERE. Alternatively if you have any questions in regards to any of our products you can request a call back and we’ll give you a call at a time that suits you.

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