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Project Description

South West Trains use our Outdoor Public Safety Displays for Train Dispatch

Client: South West Trains

Product: RuggedVision Series

Key Features:  Fully Weatherproof, Sunlight Readable, Optical Bonding, Vandal Proof, Condensation Free, Rugged Stainless Steel, Powder Coated.

Project Details

The safety of passengers when boarding a train is paramount to all rail companies around the world. Looking back to an incident in 2016, a woman was dragged 20 metres along a station platform after the door closed on her hand which alarmingly could of been avoided if the driver had carried out his checks more carefully!

We began discussions with South West Trains (SWT) in 2016 regarding Train Dispatch Displays, which would involve the train operator (in most cases) looking at the displays and ensuring that all of the passengers were on board, and confirming it was then safe to close the doors.

The displays were to be positioned in exposed and semi exposed areas of the South West Trains network, so they needed to be able to withstand all types of weather conditions and possible vandalism.

Each and every one of the displays were crucial to the train operator and the image performance needed to be optimal at all times, so we suggested ‘Optical Bonding’, which is a process where the LCD panel is glued with industrial type glue to the glass front to eliminate any chance of condensation, thus allowing the live camera feed to be clear.

Along with this, the sunlight would also be an issue with a standard brightness display and may cause an obstruction, so we ensured that we provided SWT with information on our ‘Sunlight Readable’ displays, which they were extremely impressed with, and to add extra security we would customise sun visors to improve the shade and reduce glare.

Here at Flatvision with our many years of experience, we knew that the displays had to include an ‘Internal Heater’ to allow the display to run smoothly in minus temperatures, as standard displays can begin to flicker when in low temperatures for long periods of time.

Vandalism can be a large problem in public open areas, so SWT asked if we were able to provide IK10 vandal resistant and fully IP65 sealed weatherproof casing. As we had not provided displays with IK10 vandal resistance before this application, we ensured to work closely with SWT and our factory to meet the desired standards.

The project was a challenge for us, but we came up with a design, thinking of small details such as connector positions and a waterproof cover box for the connectors which would reduce public tampering and vandalism.

Before SWT decided to go ahead with our solutions, we offered to loan them a trial display which had similar qualities to the end product, so that they could get an idea of the rugged housing and clear image. They were extremely happy with our products so we then won the order for a large quantity of 19″ & 32″ displays.

One year on, and the displays are still working as they should, so as a result of this, SWT are looking to expand them over their large network of other sites.

You can view our full range of LCD monitors HERE. Alternatively you can request a call and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist.

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