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Project Description

Digital Advertising LCD Displays for Car Competition

Client: BOTB

Product: CrystalVision Free-Standing Podiums & CrystalVision Digital Signage Displays.

Key Features: Stunning Design, Rugged Metal and Glass, Crystal Clear Image, Built-In Media Player and Optional Touch Screen.

Project Details

BOTB or Best of the Best PLC is a dream car and lifestyle competition company. They have been operating in major UK airports since 1999. The company gives a Dream Car away every week. to date has given away over £25m worth of prizes.

When we were approached by the contractors for BOTB, we knew that for an application within the third busiest airport in the UK – Manchester Airport we needed something special.

The Solution

So we had to put forward our CrystalVision Free-Standing Podiums, along with our CrystalVision Digital Signage Displays.

It goes without saying that this range of Digital Signage looks sleek, modern and gives a unique feel to any company using their own content. These displays come with a built-in media player and an optional touch screen. They are housed in a rugged metal and glass podium or enclosure and also have a crystal clear image.

When we supplied BOTB with the displays and podium they were extremely happy with the build quality, and how easy it was to change the advertising content via the media player.

Our CrystalVision displays and podiums are perfect for any digital advertising lcd application. You can view the full range of digital signage HERE. So If you have any questions regarding any of our products please request a call back and one of our friendly team will be pleased to help!

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