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Project Description

Rack Mount Displays for Catalent’s Process Control

Client: Catalent

Product: Rackvision 170T-DVI-ALU

Key Features: Aluminium Housing, Rack Mount, Resistive Touch Screen, Multiple Inputs, Rugged, Keyboard and Tracker-Ball.

Project Details

Catalent is the number one partner in helping pharmaceutical, biotech and consumer health innovators develop, deliver and supply superior products that improve peoples lives. They develop better treatments for patients by advancing technologies in the drug delivery sector.

Their trademark cancer drug ‘Zydis’ is an orally dissolving tablet, which is freeze-dried and disperses almost instantly in the mouth, with no water required. To ensure that Catalent can effectively manufacture thousands of batches of Zydis per day, they require the best technology.

We have worked with Catalent for many years by providing them with lcd touch display solutions, which are used as part of the freeze-dryer production control in their factories.

The first solution that we provided to Catalent was the Rackvision 170T-DVI-ALU, which is a 17″ resistive touch screen, with multiple inputs and is enclosed within an aluminium housing. The housing is a very important factor to Catalent, as it needs to look neat and stylish, while being able to tolerate the manufacturing conditions.

A few years after we had supplied the first units to Catalent, they decided to go with our new upgraded version the RackKey 15T, which is a slightly smaller solution than what they had previously used, but it instead had a small lockable draw, along with a keypad and trackball.

While the RackKey 15T was still a touch lcd display, it had extra room underneath the screen which stored the USB comms away neatly, without them being accessible at all times.

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