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The Holford Flexible Natural Gas Storage Facility Is Located 30km Southwest Of Manchester Where Flatvision Assisted With The Site Safety

Project Description

To provide an Outdoor Touchscreen LCD Monitor used as a “Muster Station” in case of a site emergency.

Client:  Uniper Energy – Holford Gas Storage Facility

Product: Ruggedvision N19-HBOB-PCT

Key Features:  Fully Weatherproof, IP65 Stainless Steel Case, High Bright LCD Panel, Anti Fogging PCT Touchscreen Technology.

Project Details


We were contacted by Johnson Controls in 2018 to assist in the provision of a mission-critical external weatherproof touchscreen monitor for their client Uniper Energy and in particular their natural gas storage facility in Holford, Cheshire.

The outdoor touchscreen display formed a critical part of the site emergency safety plan as it was to be used as an Outdoor Electronic Muster Station.

This muster station application was essential to the site’s operations, so the display systems performance in all weather conditions such as snow, sun and rain and 24/7 all-year-round reliability was paramount in their choice of an outdoor touchscreen display.

It was decided that the best display solution to suit the application would be our “Ruggedvision” series-fully IP65 sealed weatherproof stainless-steel monitor with the option of a projective capacitive touchscreen (PCT).

The client chose the 19” wide temperature version with high brightness -sunlight readable LCD panel with the touchscreen optically bonded to the LCD panel surface to eliminate “screen fogging” due to condensation build-up, which can be a particular problem with outdoor displays.

If you have a similar outdoor application or would like to know more about how we can help you. Please take a look at the “Ruggedvision” product page or complete the enclosed contact/ call back form and one of our friendly team will be in touch.

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