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Project Description

Rugged LCD Monitor for Internal Vision System for RAM Combat Vehicle

Client: Aleppo Systems International

Product: Ruggedvision N19B-V

Key Features:  Fully IP66 Rugged 19″ LCD Monitor with Dust & Vandal Proof Casing and Composite Video Input.

Project Details

Aleppo Systems the company specialises in providing new, innovative and best-practice security know-how and capabilities in response to evolving threats and operational demands. They also specialise in the maintenance, integration and management of large-scale projects.

They came to us last year to see if we would be able to provide a number of IP66 rugged LCD monitors for use within the UN’s local fleet of RAM MK3 armoured vehicles that operate in and around the Gaza strip between Israel & Palestine.

The Solution

The monitors were designed to be used inside the RAM vehicle itself. They also displayed a live CCTV feed from cameras located around the vehicle to show the occupants the outside activity. In such a demanding application, the rugged monitors needed to be capable of dealing with and surviving large shock impacts. From driving in this rough terrain. They also needed to be dust proof and night vision goggle compliant (NVIS).

The solution we provided was our ‘Ruggedvision N19B-V’. This is a 19″ fully IP66 rated monitor housed within a dust & vandal proof casing. This rugged lcd monitor worked great and Aleppo were very happy when they received the monitors.

Our Ruggedvision range are great for any application where dust and water intrusion can cause an issue, view our full range HERE. If you have any questions regarding any of our products please request a call back and we’ll be happy to help!

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