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Could you use anti-vandal glass in an LCD Monitor application?

Vandalism has unfortunately become a problem for many LCD monitors or displays that are in a public space. To combat this, we offer vandal-proof glass on almost everyone one of our LCD Monitors.

This ensures that vandals cannot damage any of the internal components. It also protects the monitor from any impacts that could cause serious damage.

We use an “IK rating” for determining how protected an LCD Monitor screen is. These ratings go from IK00 (not protected) to IK10, which can withstand a 20 joules impact. 20 joules is equal to the impact from a 5KG object dropped from 400mm.

Why do you need vandal-proof glass?

Vandal-proof glass is mainly used on LCD displays and monitors which are in a vulnerable public space. This is because the risk of vandalism is increased compared to other locations.

The glass we use on our vandal proof displays and monitors for vandal proofing is 5-6mm toughened glass. It is very strong glass which can take quite a lot of force on impact. This makes it perfect for vandal-proofing LCD monitors.

Do you have an application that requires an LCD monitor with vandal-proof glass? Give us a call or email us at

Manchester Science Park Case Study

We worked with Manchester Science Park and supplied them with some of our ‘CrystalVision Podiums’. For the outside of their building to display some visitor information and events they had going on.

Because we put the two podiums outside the main building, visitors saw them before entering the building. They had to be vandal-proof as they are in a public space and could be at risk of vandalism.

The podiums were fitted with IK10 vandal-proof glass. They were fully protected from any impacts that could result in damage to internal components.

To view the full case study for Manchester Science Park please click the button

Below are some of our products that we offer with vandal proof protection, if you would like to talk to our team about how we can help you choose and design your LCD Monitor please give us a call on 01782 56797 and we will be happy to help!

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