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Are you intending to your monitor or display outdoors or in a high ambient light application. Like a shop window?

If so then in 9 out of 10 cases you will need a sunlight readable LCD panel. Within the LCD monitor or display design.

There is nothing worse than to overlook this point or cut corners. To then not be able to see your content on the display.

So make sure you budget for this in your design or wish list. To ensure that you get the LCD monitor that works in the way that you intend.

If you are not sure whether you need a sunlight readable LCD display, for your application.

Then call and send us some photos of the intended installation site. During the daytime and we can help.

You can call us on 01782 567979 or complete this simple online form and we will get in touch

At present there are two main ways of making your LCD monitor visible in bright sunshine and we have listed these below.

High Brightness

This is a traditional method of increasing the back light illumination of the LCD Panel. By using an LED array. That is capable of delivering up to, 10 times the brightness. Of a traditional LCD monitor. So between 1000 and 2500 cd/m2.

At this brightness range whilst you cannot completely combat the effects of direct sunlight. The performance of the using High Brightness technology will stand out. Whereas traditional LCD monitors will wash out, and the image virtually invisible to see.

Transflective Film

Another very successful way of ensuring image clarity in direct sunlight. Is to use a “Transflective LCD Panel”. Within your LCD Monitor or display design. The key thing about this technology is that it uses, a reflective layer in the LCD panel construction . This reflects the sunlight through the LCD panel. Making the image appear to be very crisp and clear.

This technology is a passive low power approach to the issue of viewing LCD Monitors in direct sunlight. And as such lends itself to display equipment, that needs to be battery operated. Or in low power portable application.

RuggedVision Range

Our RuggedVision Range is perfect for any outdoor display application. As it is IP rated and has a Sunlight Readable LCD Panel.

Window Vision

The WindowVision range is also great for digital signage. In shop windows and shop fronts. The monitor has a high brightness display making it sunlight readable.

Please take a look at our WindowVision range, if you have an application for digital signage. In shop fronts and windows.

RuggedVision N Range

Our Ruggedvision N Range is another one of our sunlight readable display. Mainly used on train station platforms and track sides.

The N Range is also IP rated so can be used outside whatever the weather. If you have an outdoor display application that requires sunlight readable displays. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Outdoor Podium Monitor

Our Outdoor Podiums are high brightness sunlight readable. Making them great for public information applications.

These are mostly used at museums such as the Manchester Science Park. The Podiums are IP rated so can withstand any weather.

Take a look at our Outdoor Podiums on our product page.

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