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Damaged LCD Panel

If the LCD Panel is damaged it will most likely need to be replaced as it’s very tricky to repair an LCD Panel that has been damaged.

We recently had a monitor from one of our customers that has damaged the panel due to an impact on the screen. The impact cracked the glass under the polarizer and caused the liquid crystal to leak into the cracks in the glass. Because there was a polarizer on this display it’s hard to see any damage caused to the panel until the monitor is supplied with power.

In this case we would replace the LCD Panel as this was the only component found to have been damaged by the impact.

Below are images of the monitor when we took it out of it’s box and supplied it with power.

The diagram to the left shows the various layers that make up an LCD Panel, you can see the first layer of the panel is the Polarizing Film. Some monitors won’t have this film as some of the applications these monitors go into simply don’t require it.

If a monitor without a polarizing film had the same sort of impact as the monitor below then you would be able to see the shattered glass because it wouldn’t be covered by the polarizer.

The image above is our ‘Broadcast Pro 22’ monitor. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the image but the LCD Panel is damaged due to this display having a polarizer.

The polarizer aligns the light coming out of and going into the panel itself. The polarizer itself is made up of two plastic films that go on top of the panel.

The impact resulted in the glass under the panel to shatter but because the polarizer is made of plastic it doesn’t shatter this is why when the monitor is off it appears the panel is fine and not damaged.

This image is the monitor after we supplied it with power and turned it on. You can see that the impact has caused the LCD glass shell to shatter and has allowed the liquid crystal fluid to bleed across the screen.

The impact has also caused the pixels to become damage and has caused the monitor to display spurious colours. This LCD panel will have to be replaced as it is very difficult to repair an LCD Panel and isn’t economically viable.

We didn’t find anything else apart from the panel had been damaged from the impact so we would only need to replace the panel which is a fairly easy job to do.

If you have a monitor with a similar LCD Panel issue then maybe we can help! We can look at your monitor and identify what sort of panel has been damaged and supply and replace the panel for a fixed cost.

If you would like to speak to one of our friendly team to discuss what we could do for you please dont hesitate to call us on 01782 567979 and we will be happy to help!

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