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IP65 Waterproof LCD Display

For advice or help selecting the best fully outdoor weatherproof LCD display, IP65 to IP67 LCD Monitor or Panel PC system design. For use in any weather conditions such as snow, rain, sleet or sunshine please get in contact on 01782 567979 or email:

We will be only too happy to run through the options with you. To ensure when understand your application and provide the best display options to suit you.

Please check our dedicated product page for all our range of IP65 to IP67 Rugged Outdoor LCD Monitors and you can request a quote by selecting the displays that you are interested in.

Panel Mount LCD

Are you thinking of Panel Mounting your LCD Monitor if so then lets consider the options together.

What is the application, where do you want to mount the control buttons, do you need a touchscreen? Id this monitor going to be used outdoors? Lots of questions and points to consider that we can help you answer.

Then take a look at our Panel Mount LCD Monitor advice page, that will give you some food for thought when designing or looking at monitors with this mounting arrangement.

Take a look at our dedicated product page on Panel Mount LCD Monitors to see our full range

Rack Mount LCD

Please take a look at our dedicated Rack mount LCD Monitor advice page. This will give you assistance with all aspects of rack mounting and the display choices available. This is to ensure you make the best design decision.

On this page we cover aspects such as 19″ and 24″. Rack options, front panel design, rack mount touch pc’s and rack mount work stations. 

We offer monitors that are 1U and 2U high Rack draw monitors, Rack KVM monitors the choice is endless.

See our full Rack mount LCD Monitor range here and let us assist you in choosing the best option to suit your application, timescale and budget. 

Rugged Metal Cased

Are you looking for a Rugged LCD monitor that does not need all the stringent dust & waterproofing requirements? but still needs to be ruggedised and able to be used in  more tougher office, warehouse or portable applications.

We can help you put together a design brief or show you appropriate products, that could meet or could be designed to meet your needs.

Please check out our dedicated “Rugged Metal  Cased LCD Monitor” page for tips and advice on design choice etc.

You are also welcome to look at our product catalogue for ideas which we can discuss.

Watch us test one of our Ruggedvision - Outdoor Fully Waterproof Sunlight Readble LCD Monitors

IP Rating - Ingress Protection

If you want to keep the weather, water or dust out of your LCD Monitor or display system then you need to pay special attention to the ideal IP rating of your LCD Monitor.

You need to consider the environment in which the monitor is being used?

Also think about where and how you are mounting the LCD monitor?

What are the critical factors in your mind that will make the installation a success?


By starting to ask these questions you will become clear about the issues that you may have. Also how to deal with these in the LCD Monitor design or choice of display that you make.


Download your IP Rating table here to compare against your application:  Flatvision IP-Ratings-Guide.jpg (391 downloads )

LCD Monitor Case Design

A key part of the design or selection process of any Rugged LCD Monitor or display system, is the selection of the appropriate monitor housing style to suit you application. For example an outdoor application would need a weatherproof LCD display to protect against all types of weather.

This can be a minefield for most people who haven’t been involved in LCD Monitor design and selection previously, and so we have developed this quick guide to help you.

This is to help you establish which LCD Monitor housing style is most appropriate for your environment and application.


Most Rugged LCD monitors come in the following general case styles:

  1. Fully IP6X LCD Weatherproof LCD Display and Panel PC
  2. IP65 Panel mountable LCD Monitors and Panel PC
  3. Rack mountable LCD Monitors
  4. Rugged metal cased

Whatever your application please tell us about it and we will be happy to assist in whatever way we can.

Download your copy of our ” Guide to Rugged LCD Monitor housing and Mounting styles”

Splash-Landing-Water-park-2.jpg (467 downloads )

Construction Materials

We understand the importance of choosing the right LCD monitor construction material to suit a particular environment. As the wrong decision here could lead to problems of reliability in the long term.

So particular attention should be spent at the early phase of the project, to understand the environment and material limitations.

For example we use “Stainless Steel” widely in our manufacturing and process control applications, but we could not use bare stainless steel in a swimming pool environment.

As the chlorine in the atmosphere would damage the oils in stainless steel and the monitor would start to rust. So all monitors destined for a swimming pool environment are “powder coated on stainless” to ensure the best long term protection.


Fire retardant material such as low smoke zero halogen, are being used in various displays that we supply to rail sector for cabling applications. Within London underground, Network Rail and TFL.

So tell us more about your application and we can help !

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