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Our Easy to use Video Tutorial’s

We’ve put together a range of video’s and guides that are easy to follow and understand.

You can learn how to do a range of different things from replacing an LCD panel to understanding how our sunlight readable monitor’s work!

Below are some video’s of some test’s we did on our monitor’s

Sunlight Readability

Sunlight readability is great for when you need a monitor going outside or the screen will be in the sun, no matter what light you view the screen in you’ll be able to read it.

Watch our video for a demonstration on how sunlight readability works

IP65 & 67

We do a range of display’s that are IP Rated and Fully Submersible so they can work outside in the rain or snow and will be absolutely fine, we did some testing to show case how well our monitor’s work under these condition’s. 

Vandal Proofing

We also offer Vandal Proofing on most of our monitor’s to keep them protected from most things such as object’s being thrown at them and people tampering with the monitor, we did a destructive test on one of our monitor’s to demonstrate how strong they really are.

LCD Display Technical Education

If you want to learn more about LCD display’s we have load’s of video’s with some free education on stuff most people don’t know about LCD Monitor’s, explaining lot’s of technical question’s and thing’s our customer’s ask us.

Watch our Video Guides on a range of different topics

We have put together loads of Video Guides on a range of topics we hope you find useful and informative , look below to watch some!

The importance of BIOS battery’s

Rack Bracket Installation Guide

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