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Why Electrical Compliance and Safety is important

Health & Safety is very important to keep people safe and so that people don’t get hurt. LCD Monitors can be dangerous if the correct health & safety regulations aren’t followed and adhered too.

This can be anything from making sure that the monitor has been safety checked and is CE marked or if the monitor needs to go into a medial environment that it is EN60601 compliant and medically approved.

There are a lot of different regulations depending on the location of the monitor and what it is being used for.

Electrical Compliance

The ‘CE’ mark is a certification mark that indicated that the product conforms with the health, safety and environmental protection standards within the European Economic Area (EEA). The CE mark can also be found on products sold outside of the EEA that are manufactured in, or designed to be sold in the EEA.

The CE mark is the manufacture’s declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives. If a product has the CE mark it means that the product has been through testing and meets the requirements of the environmental protection standards and is safe to use.

The main CE-Declaration Directives that we comply with are the:

EMC Directive: 2014/30/EU. EMC is the term used to describe how well a device or system is able to function in an electromagnetic environment without introducing electromagnetic disturbances that interfere with the operation of other electrical products in the environment.

LVD Directive: 2014/35/EC. The Low Voltage Directive ensures that electrical equipment within certain voltage limits provides high level of protection for European citizens and a single market in the European Union.

RoHS2 Directive: 2011/65/EU. RoHS2 refers to the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Sample Heading

EN 60601 relates to the health & safety standards and regulations for medically approved products, these are products that are used in hospitals or for medical use.

For example if you want to put an LCD Monitor or display in an operating theatre then it needs to conform to EN 60601 and be medically approved to be used in an operating theatre.

EN 60601 is a bit like Electrical Compliance (CE Mark) but is specific testing for the medical sector, so every product that is medically approved would have been through the same testing to make sure that it is fit for medical use. The EN 60601 standard is to make sure that products in medical applications such as LCD Monitors are safe and don’t pose a risk to Health & Safety  for people using and around the product.

EN 60601 Medically Approved Monitor

As you can see from the image the monitor is EN 60601 approved and can be used in the medical sector. This monitor in particular is being used to look at X-Ray’s and other PACS images.

To the left is an example of one our ‘Pro Medical 15’ monitors that is being used in a hospital to display PACS images such as X-Ray’s and pictures of scans that have been taken.

To display PACS images the surgeons or doctors use high resolution monitors that are EN 60601 approved to view the images of scans and other information.

EN 60945 - Marine Approved

EN 60945 relates to the standards for marine approved products. Every product that is going into a marine application must have been through the testing and conform to the EN 60945 minimum performance requirements. This is to ensure that a product does not pose a risk to safety aboard a marine vessel for the crew or anyone using the product.

For example if a big ferry corporation installed standard LCD Monitors to display a video feed from the radar system and it wasn’t EN 60945 compliant and was affected by some electromagnetic interference and the ferry crashed into some rocks then the ferry company is liable for any loss of life or injury to anyone on board because they did not buy EN 60945 compliant products.

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