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Replacing Damaged AD Board

The AD Board is a common component in an LCD monitor to be damaged due to a number of things such as water ingress or an impact to the monitor. In some cases a component on the board such as capacitor or IC failures due to over heating can cause the AD Board to fail.

If the AD board becomes damaged or is faulty we usually replace the whole board as it’s easier than repairing the damaged or faulty one.

We received a monitor a few months ago that has a damaged AD board, this was mainly because of the monitor overheating causing the capacitor to become damaged. We then replaced the AD board with a new one and tested the monitor to make sure that there we’re no further issues and the problem had been resolved before sending it back to our customer.

If we are happy with the monitor and know it’s functioning properly then we send it back to the customer for next day delivery.

Above are some images of the AD board we replaced, the AD board is usually the biggest board inside the monitor.

After successfully replacing the AD board with a new one the monitor worked fine, we tested it to make sure there any more issues and sent it back to our customer.

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