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Process Control

I need help with my Process Control Display, please call me back!

Our team are here to help you with free practical advice that will hopefully enable you to make a better decision relating to the use of Professional Process Control Monitor, Touch Monitors and Panel PC’s in your application.

Let our team help you with your Process Control Display ideas

Are you looking for a display system to work in your Process Control Environment?

We can help you choose the best possible Process Control Monitor Solution to suit your Application, Environment, Timescale and Budget.

We can share best practice ideas and tell you what has worked for other clients in maybe similar applications and as importantly what has not worked, so you are fully in the driving seat.

So what ever your application is, please tell us about it and let our friendly well informed team help you!

We have had a track record of success supplying into the Process Control sector and we are sure that we can help you too.

Typical applications :

  • Recipe Solutions for Bakeries and Food Processors
  • Plant Control Systems.
  • KPI and Data Logging of Machine Performance
  • Production Line Visualisation Displays
  • Plant performance and situational awareness.
  • Audit Trail and Quality Tracking of Manufactured Products

Rack Mount LCD Monitors

Our Rack Mount LCD Monitors are specifically designed for 19″/23″ Rack Applications. These displays are typically constructed from Mild Steel, Powder-Coated in Black and come in single and multiple display formats. All of our RackVision & RackMount monitors come with VGA (PC) input as standard with options of: Composite Video (RCA/BNC), HDMI, DVI, S-Video, SDI & HD-SDI inputs.

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RackVision 1U & 2U – Multiple Dispay
Our newly developed RackVision 1U & 2U range are mounted within a pull-out 1U draw and therefore provide an optimal space-saving solution for applications where available rack space is restricted.

These now come in variants of a single pop up display to having two or even a three monitor variant to act as a command and control or large area desktop application.

Features available for all of our Rack Mount LCD Display Solutions are as follows:

  • Rugged Metal-Cased Construction provides better Corrosion Resistance
  • Optional Sunlight Readability – including Transflective and High-Bright Technologies
  • Optional Front & Rear Mounted OSD Controls – permit easy adjustment of Image Quality, Size, Position and Geometry
  • Optional Touch Screen Technology
  • Variety of Signal I/O Configurations available

IP65 Panel Mount LCD Monitors

Our ‘IPPMW’ Panel Mount Range are designed for the most demanding and arduous of applications where water and dust ingress are issues with the application.

Equipped with features including: Strengthened Glass to provide additional Display Protection, Sunlight Readability, Wide Operating Temperature Capability, Front-Mounted OSD Controls and Optional Touch Screen Interface, these monitors provide a Robust and Durable Display Solution, ideally suited to withstand Higher Operating Temperatures and Vibration normally found within Industrial Environments.

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Features available for all of our Panel Mount display solutions range:

  • Rugged Metal-Cased Construction provides better Corrosion Resistance
  • IP65 Compliant Front Panel
  • High-Reliability engineered for Performance Intensive, 24/7 Non-Stop Operation Applications
  • Wide Temperature Performance
  • Sunlight Readable Display Solutions utilising Transflective or High-Bright Technology
  • High Resolution and High-Brightness
  • Optional Touch Screen Technologies including: Resistive, Capacitive, SAW and Infra-Red
  • Optional DC Power Input (7-28vDC)
  • Variety of Signal I/O Configurations Available

Fully IP65 Rugged LCD Monitors for Indoor Use

Our Ruggedvision Lite LCD Monitor range are designed ideally for wet and dusty indoor applications where there is no requirement for a sunlight readable display but where water and dust are a constant issue.

So this display range is ideal for internal process control, monitoring, operator interface displays etc.

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Encased in a fully IP65 Stainless Steel housing with dedicated waterproof connectors, these displays are designed to deal with dusty or wet conditions normally found in industrial, Oil, Gas and energy production applications..They are also great for process control monitor projects where something rugged is required.

Within our RuggedVision Lite range we have the ability to offer a selection of monitor enhancements including: Sunlight Readability, Wide Range 8-30vDC Power Input, Touch-Screen Technology and Wide Temperature operation capability, providing temperature operation outside the operating range of standard LCD panels.

All of our RuggedVision Lite displays come with VGA (PC) input as standard with optional HDMI, Composite Video (RCA/BNC) and DVI available upon request.

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