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Project Description

Interactive Panel Mount Displays for the U-Boat Story Museum in Liverpool

Client: The U-Boat Story

Product: IPPMW 19-TR-V

Key Features: Panel Mount, Transflective, Sunlight Readable, IP65 Sealed, Metal Cased.

Project Details

Back in April 2009, Flatvision were contacted by ‘The U-Boat Story’ in Liverpool. They were initially looking for a medium sized display to be fitted into an enclosure which had already been built for their new exhibition.

The U-Boat Story were showcasing a real German U-Boat in a unique exhibition, and wanted a twist of modern technology to show their visitors inside the exhibition without actually stepping foot inside.

Within the exhibition, people are able to enter the boat and explore four chambers of it, with glass viewing partitions to show the great interior and well preserved artefacts.

The display that we provided was our ‘IPPMW 19-TR-V’, which is fully weather-proof (IP65- sealed), is housed in a durable metal case and has transflective technology, which enables the panel to get brighter when faced with ambient sunlight thus preventing any of the content getting distorted.

Four cameras were fitted inside each chamber of the boat, and were then linked to our display. People were then able to use a small joystick on the enclosure which The U-Boat Story had created, to navigate around inside the exhibition whilst being outside.

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