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Project Description

High Bright Rack Mount Display for Seatronics

Client: Seatronics

Product: RackVision 2U-19(P)

Key Features: Rack Mount, High-Brightness, Multiple Inputs, High Resolution, CCTV.

Project Details

Seatronics are a company who provide specialist subsea solutions, focusing on the following markets: Subsea construction, inspection, maintenance and repair, decommissioning, renewables, dredging, ports and harbours, defence and metocean. They have offices globally in Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Houston and Singapore.

We were asked to provide Seatronics with multiple RackMount displays, which would be added to their range of products for other companies to hire out for different projects. They required the display to be high-bright, which is quite unusual for a RackMount, as they are mainly used indoors with average lighting.

We worked closely with our Product Development Team and our Engineers, to come up with a solution which met the specification of high-brightness, composite video inputs and a resolution of 1280×1024. The end product was our RackVision 2U-19(P), as shown in the below images.

When the units were delivered to Seatronics, 2 of them were involved in a project instantly, which involved the display being connected to a live camera, and it would then feed back a video of the ROV Telemetry that it picked up.

We have spoken with Seatronics recently, and they have informed us that the displays are still going strong, and receiving excellent feedback from the companies who are hiring them.

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