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Project Description

Public Awareness Monitor for Gloucester Train Station Underpass

Client: Quadrant Security Group

Product: RuggedVision N32-HB-PC

Key Features:  Fully Weatherproof, Sunlight Readable, Optical Bonding, Vandal Proof, Condensation Free, Rugged Stainless Steel, Powder Coated.

Project Details

Gloucester railway station (formerly known as Gloucester Central station) is a railway station serving the city of Gloucester in England.

The railway station has long been awaiting improvements, which are reliant on the city council’s funding. When the council’s bid was rejected, it meant that the underpass users, such as
hospital workers and commuters, would have to continue to face the frightful journey to and from the station each day.

A few years ago, Flatvision worked with Gloucester Train Station and Network Rail to install a PAM (Public Awareness Monitor) overhead upon entering the underpass. This was an interim solution until the subway was to undergo major improvements.

In the article on Gloucestershire Live, you can see our display in action on the video walk-through; It allows people to feel safer using the underpass, as they know from the display who else isusing it at that exact moment.

Our RuggedVision N32-HB-PC, is enclosed in a stainless steel housing, fully IP65-sealed, and has a high-bright panel, which prevents the image from being distorted on a bright, sunny day.

Not only are these displays great for outdoor CCTV and Public Safety use, but they are also ideal for indoor CCTV and information use, especially in harsh environments where dust and other debris may pose risk to the display.

You can view our full range of LCD monitors HERE. Alternatively you can request a call and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist.

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