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Project Description

Display Surveillance Radar for a Nuclear Fuel Carrier Ship.

Client: Pacific Heron
Product: IPPMW 19-PC
Key Features: 19″ High Performance IP65-Sealed Panel Mount LCD Monitor with VGA (PC) Input. Features: Fully housed within a black metal-cased enclosure.

Project Details

We we’re asked by the SeaKing Group to supply them with one of our ‘IPPMW 19-PC’. We later found out that the Panel Mount Monitor was being used to display a radar system for a Nuclear Fuel Carrier.

The ship that our Panel Mount Monitor is being used on is the Pacific Heron, delivered in 2008, is an INF 3 certified vessel under the INF Code of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). She is the first of a new generation of PNTL vessels and her design builds on the experience of operating purpose-built nuclear carriers since 1979.

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