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Project Description

High Brightness Displays for Telemetry Pit Wall 

Client: Lotus F1 Racing Team

Product: High Bright 24-V

Key Features: Professional High-bright HD Monitor with 400+ cd/m² and HD LCD Panel

Project Details

The Lotus F1 Team asked us if we could provide them with some high brightness displays that could be used in their pitwall to display telemetry data from the race. We then got to work looking at the best solution for their application and we decided that our ‘High Bright 24-V’ would be perfect for the job.

We then sent a few of our monitors over for Lotus to trial and test against their previous pit wall monitors and our monitor performed great and we’re actually better than their previous displays. Lotus F1 were happy with the displays and we were able to provide them with some more ‘High Bright 24-V’ monitors for their pit wall.

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