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Project Description

Interactive Digital Signage for Cadbury World

Client: Cadbury World

Product: UltraVision-32

Key Features: Commercial Grade, 24/7 Usage, Open-Frame, Touch SCreen 

Project Details

Most visitor attractions in 2018 are using interactive displays to entice their target audience into visiting, and to make the whole experience more fun for the whole family.

Cadbury World knew that interactive displays would make a huge difference for their visitors, so they came up with an idea which would involve digital displays, by allowing people to design their own chocolate bar wrapper, and see it come to life in front of their very eyes!

Another great exhibition idea from Cadbury World was to install 12 binocular-like cases, which would have a 5″ display inside each of them, with a short video playing to give the visitors an insight into Cadbury’s history in the format of a timeline. After all, Cadburys World has been open since 1831, so why not share how it all started!?

Flatvision firstly provided Cadbury World with one of our open-frame touch screen displays, the ‘Flatvision OF 24-PC-T’, which was to be fitted into a podium which had already been purposely built for the exhibition. On the display, it was planned for visitors to be able to create their own chocolate bar wrapper, and see it come to life on a larger screen.

We then went on to supply two 32″ portrait displays; these would be positioned in the window of a make-believe old fashioned shop. These displays were our ‘UltraVision-32’, which are great for public advertising as the panel clarity is extremely clear and eye-catching to say the least!

For the binocular-like cases, we suggested our ‘Pro M5’ displays, as they are small, but metal-cased so very tough for long-standing applications. They are mainly used in CCTV applications, which is why we recommended them as they are made to be used 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Overall, Cadbury World were extremely pleased with the displays that we were able to provide, and the visitors even more so!

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