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Project Description

Outdoor and In-Store Facing – High Brightness LCD Monitors deliver ‘Property Information’ with a punch!

Client: Butters John Bee

Product: WindowVision 17

Key Features:  High Brightness (800cd/m2), Low Cost Solution, Simple Installation and Content Updating, Eco-Friendly Power-Timer.

Project Details

Butters John Bee is one of Britain’s most highly regarded property businesses and have been working across the region for over 150 years, with 19 offices in Staffordshire, Cheshire, Shropshire, the East and West Midlands.

When their Procurement Manager came across our website, he said that our ‘High-Bright, Sunlight-Readable’ displays caught his eye instantly as it was exactly what he was looking for within the Stafford branch.

Along with their requirement for a display that could still be read in direct sunlight, Butters John Bee were also looking for a display that could be updated easily with their constantly changing sales and lettings. We decided that our WindowVision 17 would be the perfect option for the application, as it’s a high-bright display which can be updated via a computer and looks extremely sleek!

The WindowVision 17 is also completely glass-fronted, which makes it mildly splash-proof, and is also used within medical applications as the front can be completely wiped down to make it hygienic.

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