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Project Description

High-Bright Touchscreen LCD Monitor used for Helicopter Telemetry

Client: Agusta Westland Helicopters

Product: IPPM-15

Key Features:  Capacitive touchscreen, Front OSD and high-bright LCD panel

Project Details

Agusta Westland Helicopters are a helicopter design and manufacturing company, and supply helicopters to a range of clients including the military.

They came to us last year asking if we can supply them with a High-Bright Touchscreen Monitor that they wanted to put into one of their helicopters.

As the display would be mounted to the back of the front seat it need to be powered from the internal helicopter power, using a wide range DC block. The display was mainly used for helicopter telemetry, for the people sitting in the back of the helicopter and so they could see what was going on.

The monitor was required to be touchscreen so the people sitting in the back could easily use the display via their finger. This makes using the display much easier when the helicopter is in transit.

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