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Imagine it and we can make it for you! 

We provide digital display solutions to a wide variety of industry sectors. We build custom LCD Display using the latest technologies such as Transflective or traditional High-Bright solutions to suit a variety of bespoke, unique display criteria. We can design and build lcd monitors for a wide range of applications & projects.

Visit our Products and Markets section for further details on our product ranges and full details on what we can offer you. Don’t forget that our products can be tailored to a different specification than specified as standard allowing them to perfectly suit your needs!

Our industry specific products are built to conform to recognised standards in order to ensure the product you receive is manufactured with quality and built to last. We have over 30 years experience of supplying customers with high-performance yet cost effective displays relevant to their individual application needs. Our experienced staff are well trained to suggest and provide the best solution for you.

Our on-site technical support team is available to offer advice and support on the design and integration of LCD displays into your application and we have the ability to design and build custom solutions where necessary in order to meet your exact requirements. We also offer a 1 year warranty on all products, and have a UK based repair centre that is ready to deal with any issue you may be facing.

Whatever your digital display requirements, here at Flat Vision Products we are happy to help. To contact us just simply submit the below enquiry form or give us a call on: 01782 567979 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help!

All of these LCD Display Solutions have been custom designed to suit our customers needs.
Tell us about your project - We can help !

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