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Here at Flatvision we have a wide choice of Touch screen monitors to suit most applications such as Point of Sale, Machine Control, Kiosks, CCTV camera control etc.

In addition we can offer a Touch screen option for the majority of our display formats shown on our website from: Transflective sunlight viewable monitors to a Standard Open Frame TFT monitor.

So if you have seen a display that would ideally fit your application, and are considering incorporating touch-screen interactivity please give our Sales team a call on: (01782) 567979 and they will discuss the options available with you.

A demonstration of our Open Frame 32″ LCD monitor

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The screen has an extremely effective and precise touchscreen which ensures ease of use. We also have a range of sizes which can serve a large range of applications.

One of our multi-touch LCD monitors being tried out

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These multi-touch LCD monitors are great in terms of accuracy and precision, and would be extremely suitable for educational or informative uses within different environments such as in museums, or in a retail environment for users to interact with products or for navigational purposes.

Flat Vision Product’s 15″ Touchscreen LCD monitor being tested

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The monitor is perfect for any interactive or educational application where accurate, precise and fast response times are essential. They could be especially useful in retail environments and for advertising or navigational purposes.

Flat Vision Products Ltd 46" Touch screen Podium (Crystal Vision) - retail and advertising applications
Flat Vision Products Ltd 32" Touch Screen LCD Monitor
Multi Touch Screen Kiosk
Multi Touch Screen Kiosk
Flat Vision Products Ltd Digital Signage (CrystalVision) LCD Monitor (touchscreen and interactive)
Part №Screen SizeResolutionBrightness
Touch 8PCT-B8.4800 x 600380VGA | Get Quote | Datasheet
Touch 10PCT-B10.4800 x 600250VGA | HDMI | Composite | Get Quote | Datasheet
Touch 15PCT-B15.01024 x 768250DVI | VGA | HDMI | Get Quote | Datasheet
Touch 19PCT-B19.01280 x 1024250DVI | VGA | HDMI | Get Quote | Datasheet
Touch 20-SAW20.11600 x 1200300DVI | VGA | Get Quote | Datasheet
Touch 22PCT-B21.51920 x 1080250DVI | VGA | HDMI | Get Quote | Datasheet
Touch 32-MTIR32.01920x1080450VGA | HDMI | Get Quote | Datasheet