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Designed for the medical professional in mind.

We have probably the largest range of professional Medical LCD Monitors and Medical PC solutions that conform to EN60601 available on the market today.

So whether you are looking for high resolution Diagnostic Medical LCD Monitor for a radiology or PACS application, Surgical Monitors for the operating theatre or a Clinical Monitor for a stack system. We have the Medical Monitor or Display system to suit you.

We also have a range of high performance medically certified “All in One” computer systems that run Windows OS and come with Touch screens and antimicrobial housing as standard.

Available in a wide variety of sizes, our Medically-certified LCD Monitor’s offer a cost effective yet high-quality display solution for today’s hospital and clinical environments that have been designed specifically in accordance with doctors and clinicians needs.

Our expert team are happy to discuss any aspect of your medical monitor or computing application.

So please give us a call to chat on 01782 567979

ProMedical 22″ LCD Monitor in black (EN60601 Medically-Approved)

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For use in all hospital environments. These medical monitors also come in a variation of sizes and have a touchscreen (PCT) for effective use and applications. We also supplied Southampton University Hospital Trust with some Medical grade monitors – find out more HERE

ProMedical 22″ LCD Monitor in black (EN60601 Medically-Approved)

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For use in all hospital environments. These medical monitors also come in a variation of sizes and have a touchscreen (PCT) for effective use and applications. They are especially effective in clinical, surgical and diagnostic applications.

Standard Range – Professional Clinical Medical-Grade Monitor

Flatvision has developed this series of Professional Medical LCD Monitor products specifically for the Medical & Health care industry.

Design innovations include the 1 Mega pixel series (Medical 15, Medical 17,Medical 19) and the 2 Mega pixel series (the monochrome Medical 21M and the color Medical 21C) for use by medical professionals. This 21″ Medical monitors are equipped with a typical brightness of up to 800 nits, 700:1 contrast ratio and 10-bit (1024) level gray scale, 2 Mega pixel and device that can pivot 90-degrees and orient the monitor landscape-wise or portrait-wise, offers exceptional viewing quality for diagnostic or review stations imaging as well as for Radiology and PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) .

For more information call our Sales Team on: (01782) 567979 or email us at:

ProMedical 22" Touchscreen Clinical and Surgical LCD Monitor
ProMedical 22" Touchscreen LCD Monitor
ProMedical 22" Touchscreen LCD Monitor
ProMedical 22" Touchscreen LCD Monitor
ProMedical 22" Touchscreen Clinical and Surgical LCD Monitor (rear view)
Part №Screen SizeResolutionBrightness
ProMedical 10T10.4800 x 600250VGA | HDMI | Composite | Get Quote | Datasheet
ProMedical 15T15.01024 x 768250DVI | VGA | HDMI | Get Quote | Datasheet
ProMedical 19T19.01280 x 1024250DVI | VGA | HDMI | Get Quote | Datasheet
ProMedical 22T21.51920 x 1080250DVI | VGA | HDMI | Get Quote | Datasheet
ProMedical 2424.01920 x 1200400DVI | VGA | SDI | SVideo | Composite | Get Quote | Datasheet
ProMedical 2626.01920 x 1080500DVI | VGA | SDI | SVideo | Composite | Get Quote | Datasheet
ProMedical 3232.01920 x 1080500DVI | VGA | SDI | SVideo | Composite | Get Quote | Datasheet
ProMedical 4242.01920 x 1080500DVI | VGA | SDI | SVideo | Composite | Get Quote | Datasheet
ProMedical 5555.01920 x 1080450DVI | VGA | SDI | SVideo | Composite | Get Quote | Datasheet

Ultra Medical Range – Professional Diagnostic Medical-Grade Monitor

Flatvision’s “Ultra-Medical” range of professional high precision LCD Medical Monitors have been designed with clarity, stabilty, and true image quality in mind.

These diagnostic medical LCD monitors provide the most stable display quality with superior accuracy for diverse applications such as high resolution maminography image diagnosis and general radiology image review.

Compared to traditional Medical Monitors, our intense grey level technology successfully maintains a 12bit input to 12bit output data flow to provide the best display results possible. Ensuring that no clincal data is lost when displaying images of 4,096 greyscale tones.

All monochrome Professional LCD Medical Monitors support 10-bit/12-bit greyscale. All colour professional LCD Medical Monitors support 30bit colour depth with integrated frame control hardware.

Part №Screen SizeResolutionBrightness
UltraMedical M30S20.82048 x 1536500DVI | Get Quote | Datasheet
UltraMedical C3021.22048 x 1536450DVI | Get Quote | Datasheet
UltraMedical M20S21.31600 x 1200500DVI | Get Quote | Datasheet
UltraMedical M50S21.32560x2048500DVI | Get Quote | Datasheet
UltraMedical C2021.31600 x 1200450DVI | Get Quote | Datasheet
UltraMedical C60-W28.53280 x 2048500DVI | Get Quote | Datasheet

Medical All-In-One Panel PC Range

Due to advancing technology within today´s medical industry, we have taken great care in designing and engineering our Medical grade Panel PC solutions to suit the most demanding clinical applications.Our medically-certified Panel PC´s are designed specifically for mission-critical applications in operating theatres, ICU and emergency rooms, where low-power and low noise operation are essential.Key Benefits of our Panel PC solutions:

  • Specially designed and engineered in accordance with doctors and clinicians needs
  • These fanless PPC are free from noise and air movement, therefore reducing the potential spread of infection including MRSA and other viruses, making these an ideal solution for diagnosis and patient bedside applications
  • Medical grade colour LCD to present accurate PACS and DICOM reference images.
  • State of the art Intel CPU engines used to generate excellent graphics performance for PACS, X-ray, Vital Signs and other mission-critical imagery
  • Fully-sealed front bezel is resistant to bodily fluids and chemicals found within hospital environments
  • Anti-bacterial plastic housing reduces the potential growth of common bacteria, viruses and germs such as MRSA
  • Slim, compact design ensures optimal space-saving for critical environments such as operating theatres

In order to ensure full compliance with all necessary medical certification, all of our Medical Panel PC´s are put through rigorous testing procedures. All options are fully compliant with all necessary medical certification including CE and FCC Class B, EN60601-1, UL60601-1, UL/cUL and VCCI.

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In accordance with the strict hygiene regulations required within medical environments, our panel PC´s have been designed with an anti-bacterial plastic housing, so as to dramatically reduce the growth of most common bacteria (colon bacillus and Staphylococcus aurous) present in hospitals.

And for those applications where a desk stand or medical trolley may be required, we are also able to offer the option of a medical-grade anti-bacterial desk stand, which incorporates the same anti-bacterial chemical technology as with our displays.

Features available:

  • IP65 / IPX1 compliant fully-sealed front bezel able to resist blood, chemicals, alcohol and detergents primarily found within medical environments
  • HDD anti-vibration mechanism
  • High reliability for 24/7 operation due to fanless design
  • Temper glass on LCD option – Rugged and durable design to protect display life
  • Webcam with micro-phone option – Direct communications can be made with telephone and video solution
  • Supports 802.11b/g Wireless solution with internal antenna
  • High expandability and integration options
  • TV Tuner or video capture

Our medical-grade Panel PC´s come equipped with the most advanced high-performance Intel Core 2 Duo CPU with 965GME chipset, designed for high reliability and low power applications, which is compatible with most Windows OS Systems currently available on the market

Incorporating the flexibility to select the Hard-Disk size, DDR2 RAM and various expansion options including PCI, PCMCIA and mini-PCI, we are able to customise the configuration specifically to your needs.

Should your application require more computing power and higher-performance enquire about our Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2G CPU, which facilitates the use of an industrial lower noise fan.

For applications where security is a paramount factor, we have recently added the additional option of a smart card reader and associated software, which works in such a way as to protect the privacy right of patient´s medical information. This system works via hospital authorised members of staff using their own smart-card type badge, to communicate to the panel PC that they are permitted to access the information they require. For security measures after a period of in-activity, the display will automatically shut down, and can only be re-activated when a smart card is plugged in.

Due to the vast array of configuration options available on our panel PC solutions, please give us a call on (01782) 567979 and provide us with some details regarding your application and let us customise a solution for you. Or alternatively send us an e-mail:


  • Nursing station / cart
  • ICU
  • Operating theatre
  • Emergency room
  • Bedside Patient Records / Monitoring
  • Vital Signs Monitor
  • Ultra-Sound
  • PAC – Picture Archive Centre
  • Bedside Patient Entertainment

Part №Screen SizeResolutionBrightness