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Are you searching for a IP65 or IP67 Fully Sealed water and dust-proof LCD Monitor or Panel PC system?

Well I am pleased to say that you have come to the right place.

We have the largest range of IP65 and IP67 totally sealed LCD Monitors and Rugged PC Solutions available on the market today in sizes ranging from 6.4” to 65” to suit any wet or dusty indoor application.

These fully IP65 and IP67 LCD Monitors and all in one Panel PC systems are designed predominantly for indoor applications in the manufacturing and process control industries where water, dust, grease and oil ingress are clear problematic issues.

Designed for manufacturing these displays are reliable, cost effective and come in a variety of sizes and options to suit any application. All of which are designed to operated on a 24/7 basis.

Which makes them ideal for any manufacturing application such as food & beverage, vehicle and general manufacturing, production line GUI applications etc.

We also have outdoor versions of these IP65 & IP67 fully sealed LCD Monitors and PC solutions if you need high brightness or sunlight readable here

Our UK Support and Service centre is ready to support you in any way that we can with local experts on the line to support you when the need arises

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Martin Bose – Managing Director

Ruggedvision Lite 17 used in a food manufacturing application.

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We were asked by Heinz Food Services in Telford to provide a 17″ – IP67 fully-sealed Touch Panel PC for a data collection application that would tie in with their SAP system to collect factory information on various production machines making sauce sachets.

RuggedVision N 15″ High-Bright (sunlight-readable) LCD monitor being tested.

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It is suitable for environments which are exposed to high levels of sunlight, weathering and water as this monitor is fully IP65-sealed with a stainless steel casing.

RuggedVision 15″ High Bright LCD monitor demo.

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It has a stainless steel casing and also suitable for harsh and outdoor environments as it is water/weatherproof and is also readable in high levels of sunlight.

Encased within a rugged IP65-sealed water/dustproof metal enclosure with fully waterproof connectors, these displays are designed to ensure complete all-weather protection, ideal for dusty or wet conditions normally found in industrial, indoor leisure environments and even military / naval ship applications.

Within our RuggedVision Lite range we have the ability to offer a selection of monitor enhancements including: Sunlight Readability, Wide Range 8-30vDC Power Input, Touch-Screen Technology and Wide Temperature operation capability, providing temperature operation outside the operating range of standard LCD panels.

All of our RuggedVision Lite displays come with VGA (PC) input as standard with optional S-Video, Composite Video (RCA/BNC) and DVI available upon request.
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Features available within our “RuggedVision” display range include:

  • Fully IP65-Sealed Aluminium housing with powder coating for anti-corrosion design-providing full environmental protection
  • Fully IP65 Compliant waterproof connectors
  • Sunlight Readability
  • Enhanced anti-shock and vibration resistance design
  • Low Power Consumption-critical for field-based applications
  • Front hardened glass providing additional protection
  • Wide Operating Temperature
  • High Screen Luminance
  • Wide Viewing Angle & Fast Response Time

Here at Flat Vision Products we have the ability and the knowledge to match the display to the application, which we feel is essential for this industry.
What is the difference between IP65 and IP67?

For more information on any of our products or for general inquiries, please feel free to give us a call on: 01782 567979 or alternatively send us an email:


  • Ideally suited for various indoor and outdoor applications
  • GPS Land and Sea Navigation
  • Public Safety, Homeland Security, Military Reconnaissance, and Airborne Surveillance sector applications
  • Outdoor Attractions & Theme-Parks
  • Oil Rig Drillers-Console & Mud Floor Information Display
  • Helideck Monitors
  • Outdoor Avionics Monitors
  • Coast-Guard LCD Monitors
  • Search & Rescue Applications
  • Outdoor CCTV Monitoring
  • General Outdoor Digital Signage

Flat Vision Products IP65 Rugged Vision Lite Indoor IP65 sealed LCD Monitor - stainless steel case
Flat Vision Products Rail Trackside Indoor IP65 (waterproof) Information Displays (Stoke On Trent Station)
Flat Vision Products Ltd Rugged Vision IP65 Sealed (waterproof) LCD Monitor - stainless steel case
Flat Vision Products Ruggedvision N 12" IP65 (waterproof) LCD Monitor after water testing
Flat Vision Products Ltd Rugged Vision N 22" Transflective IP65 selaed (waterproof) PC LCD Monitor - stainless steel (front view)
Part №Screen SizeResolutionBrightness
RuggedVision Lite N084PC8.4800 x 600300VGA | Get Quote | Datasheet
RuggedVision Lite N10PC10.0800 x 600300VGA | Get Quote | Datasheet
RuggedVision Lite N12PC12.0800 x 600300VGA | Get Quote | Datasheet
RuggedVision Lite N15PC15.01024 x 768350VGA | Get Quote | Datasheet
RuggedVision Lite N17PC17.01280 x 1024300VGA | Get Quote | Datasheet
RuggedVision Lite N19PC19.01280 x 1024300VGA | Get Quote | Datasheet
RuggedVision Lite N20PC20.11400 x 1050300VGA | Get Quote | Datasheet
RuggedVision Lite N22PC22.01920 x 1080300VGA | Get Quote | Datasheet